Getting the Most Out of Your University Experience in Latvia

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If you have already got your acceptance letter from Latvia and you are worried to bring the best out of your education and experience in Latvia. So, we have gathered some list of ideas that would work for you. Go through the blog post and know how to make your studies in Latvia the best experience of your life.

Best Time to start?

Students wait for the ideal time to make memorable experience but believe us, there is no perfect time. You could start making your experience great on the first day of your arrival. New opportunities will be coming your way. Waiting for the entire duration of your program is not a good idea as time doesn’t wait for great experiences. So, make sure your get your best experiences. Just follow the below list and rock it.

Stand out of the crowd

It is very easy to get lost in the crowd and become the part of all the activities around you happening in your college. But at the same time, be focused and don’t lose a single opportunity to show your talent. Always open your ears and get involved in the ongoing conversations in classrooms.

Unlike your own country, Latvian universities are friendlier and you can easily communicate with your professors. So, if you have any doubt or queries, simple go ahead and ask it out and don’t hesitate or feel shy. You will surely get praise as everyone could get something to know.

By keeping a good rapport with professors may help you to later get internships for you or they might help you to get the one through their references.

Grow your networks

While studying abroad, networking should be as important for you as your studies are. Having good relations with local people and students from different parts of the world could be a great deal for you to grab the opportunities.

And to begin with your networks, your university would be the first place. Start networking with your class mates and professor who will likely to be the closest one to you. Meet them, join groups and don’t forget to share your exciting experiences with them as they may find it interesting. You should also attend university’s networking events which are usually organized once in a year.


Nothing could be a great in your freshmen year than having an internship. Trust us, it is never too easy to get an internship and if get so then you are lucky enough. It would be direct entry for part-time job and later full time. All in all, the opportunities will be waiting right after your graduation as you will be having practical experience in your hand.

By keeping a regular touch with your professors and seniors who are already working somewhere could help you in getting relevant internships. So, make sure you don’t leave any stone unturned in making good networks.

Apart from this, you may take help from online portals and submit your CV there. Although, it may take some time but never lose the hope and don’t get demotivated. Keep on trying and believe us, success will be waiting for you.


Volunteering is always a choice and you don’t get paid for it but yes don’t forget that it adds a substantial value to your overall profile. Later, you can add this in your CV which would create a very positive impact on your employer as you are keen to learn rather than money

For such opportunities, you can join various student union and clubs which are meant for volunteering and keep fill beautiful colors to your student life and gain valuable experiences too

Latvian- The local Language

Latvian is the local or national language of Latvia and when you will be living there, it would be a great idea to learn that language. Of course, there is no harm but yes there are many advantages which lead you to easily interact with local people there and improve the chances of all above mentioned points

While studying at the Latvian university, there would be numerous opportunities to learn Latvian language with no cost. And once you are familiar with the language, you can win many situations and grab opportunities as compared to other foreign students who don’t know the language. Start using the language at stores, streets and in local markets.

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